Serious Game (Exeter)


The MRO game for Offshore Wind Farms is a single player game where the player mimics the behaviour of a single decision maker, namely, the manager of the MRO facility who is responsible for the day to day allocation of resources for the upkeep of two offshore windfarms. The game enables the player to learn from a complex planning task; the objective is to minimize idle resources and prevent loss of revenue brought about by inadequate maintenance of the windfarms. The game is developed in Microsoft Excel using the VBA programming environment. Please refer to the PDF file providing instructions on how to execute the game application. For further instructions on playing the game itself, please refer to section 3.4.3 (page 49 onwards) of the Mer-innovate white paper on “e-Maintenance and Augmented Reality”.


You can download the instructions: Instructions to execute the MRO Game (Exeter)

The game is downloadable here (Only avalaible on Excel 32-bits): Mer-innovate_MRO_1.5