You can find below publications and conference list that Mer innovate partners participated during the project:

N. MustafeeM. Sahnoun, A. Smart, and P. Godsiff « An Application of Distributed Simulation for Hybrid Modeling of Offshore Wind Farms. » In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGSIM PADS Conference, June 10-12, 2015, London, UK. ACM See article

N. Mustafee, M.Sahnoun,P.A.Smart, P.Godsiff, D.Baudry, A.Louis « Investigating Execution Strategies for Hybrid Models developed using Agent-based and Discrete-event M&S », SpringSim April 12-15, 2015. Alexandria, VA, USA See article

M.Sahnoun, P.Godsiff, D.Baudry, A.Louis, B.Mazari « MODELING OF MAINTENANCE STRATEGY OF OFFSHORE WIND FARMS BASED MULTI-AGENT SYSTEM », IMSS14-CIE44, Octobre 14-16, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey. See program and see presentation

M. Sahnoun, D.Baudry, A.Louis, B. Mazari « Modélisation d’un plan de maintenance basé sur les systèmes multi-agents pour les éoliennes offshore », MOSIM2014, November 5-7, 2014, Nancy, France See program and see presentation

V. Havard, D. Baudry, A. Louis and B. Mazari, “Augmented Reality maintenance demonstrator and modelling associated,” in IEEE Virtual Reality 2015, March 25-27. Proceedings., IEEE, 2015. See program and associated video

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