To make it through the current economic crisis, Europe needs the contribution of all sectors of its economy. A press release on ‘Blue Growth’ by the Maritime and Fisheries European Commissioner Mrs. Damanaki indicated that promising indications for economic growth and employment prospects in the marine and maritime economy will help Europe’s economic recovery. Both French and UK Governments are keen to push this agenda, in particular along the coastlines.

The objective of the “Mer-Innovate” partners is to create a cross-border network, focusing on the use of new technologies, such as sensors, 3D videos, and augmented and virtual reality in the monitoring process of the future Channel and North Sea wind farms. The partnership will look at the use of high technology electronics, software and devices to support the growth of renewable Marine Energies in the Channel, not only for wind turbine control but also for people management.

3D video : project overview withe the example of the Courseulles-sur-Mer wind farm

Whilst e-maintenance of turbines will remain the main target of our common project, we will also review the economic and environmental aspects. The main goal is to prepare the growth of a  cross border cluster. This will encourage the emergence of this new sector in the Channel area, in particular by supporting local universities’ latest research in these fields and facilitating opportunities for technology transfer between universities and SMEs in these geographical areas. The results of this research may provide answers to some of the problems that the marine industry face in e-maintenance of turbines and people management.

This project tries to open the way for digital sustainability of the marine sector.

Project’s main actions

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