Major actions

The main actions of Interreg projects are always divided into work packages. The « Mer-Innovate » project consists of four work packages (WP).

WP1 : Project Management and co-ordination

The project’s coordination and management is provided by the leader, ESP KTN and all project partners.

The steering committee is composed of representatives of all partner’s organizations. Other industry representatives including in the area of ​​research and development at Scottish and Southern Electricity, the Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association of the United Kingdom are also invited to the next meeting agenda thereof.

In addition, representatives of CAMIS, 2OM and BEEMS projects are also invited to the steering committee to share their best practices and experiences with colleagues « Mer-Innovate ». The steering committee meets three times a year and exchange on the progress of actions by phone or Skype ™ to save on travel costs.

WP2 : Joint Research Program

This action is managed by the CESI in partnership with the University of Exeter who bring here their expertise in research. The aim is to conduct jointly with the University of Exeter research projects about new technologies. The work therefore focuses on the data exchange flows, on the input of augmented reality technologies for maintenance operations, the establishment of monitoring tools and finally the modeling and optimization of maintenance activities.

In this line of work, deliverables will be established to make public the results of different research projects. A « white paper » will be especially written to reflect the progress of research about the human management of maintenance’s operation and crisis in the offshore wind farms environment.

WP3 : Clustering

Operations related to networking are led by ESP KTN with the support of the Technopole Cherbourg Normandie and their networks of associated partners. These organizations have a good knowledge and strong links with the sector of the maritime economy and marine renewable energy.

Two main actions constitute this workpackage. On the one hand, the organization of six events will be held to exchange new knowledge and innovations between the research sector and the industry. The second line of action is the establishment of a network around the contacts initiated during the series of events. The objective of this clustering is to create a network of Franco-British business by bringing together SMEs, scientists, associations and elected officials and making them work together.

WP4 : Communication et Dissemination

Communication on the progress of the project and its results is the responsibility of the Technopole Cherbourg Normandie but all partners will participate as well. The target audiences for « Mer-Innovate » are quite diverse since the project aims to reach all people in connection with the wind energy sector and new technologies. At first, the project’s goal is to raise awareness amongst SMEs, centers of excellence and universities. In the long term, the aim is also to introduce new employment opportunities for young people, especially students and high school students.